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Our Resident Summer Story Teller, Regi Carpenter, in Thousand Islands Life!


One Man’s Trash

 by Regi Carpenter

This is a true story...Sunday is a day of rest for everyone in the Carpenter family

except my mother. She calls Sunday “the day of the rest of it.”

You can view the video at:


Depauville Free Library on YouTube!

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Stargazers Wanted!


Depauville Free Library is working with local, sidewalk astronomer, Tom Aiken, to organize looks into the night sky.


We are asking that interested stargazers send their email addresses to so we can send out word when and where Tom will be setting up his telescope. Since good observations depend upon good weather conditions, emails are the best way to organize a star party at a moments notice.


2013 promises to be an action-packed year for stargazers, and, Depauville Free Library is hoping to give you a front row seat to some of its most promising night sky events.


Tom Aiken and his Dobsonian telescope that took him 20 years to build, have logged many hours introducing people to celestial wonders. The telescope uses a mirrored system as opposed to lenses and is designed to be portable and with a large aperture.

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