We are looking for a clerk.....

POSITION TITLE:  Library Clerk, Part-time

LOCATION:   Depauville Free Library, Depauville, NY 13632

START DATE: March 1, 2018

Job Summary:  Performs a variety of clerical tasks central to library operations, oversees children’s story times, develops Teen programs, and supports patrons as they utilize the library collections and online resources.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Checking in and out library material;
  • Shelving materials and shelf-reading;
  • Assisting with the general maintenance and appearance of the collection so materials are in good condition for customer use.
  • Registering customers for library cards and providing orientation for library use, including assisting patrons needing help with the library catalog and other available resources, the public computers, whether with email or programs, and making copies and sending faxes;
  • Cleaning (usually once a week on Friday or Saturday, but whenever necessary)
  • Preparing stories and crafts for weekly Friday morning children’s story time at the library and off-site story times at local day care centers.
  • Create and oversee interesting projects for scheduled Tween Tuesdays.
  • Assist with library events
  • Substitute when necessary for the librarian and other clerk.

Requirements & Qualifications 

  • Possess the ability to provide superior customer service to a diverse public;
  • Have excellent communication skills, the ability to work both independently and as part of a team, and delight in children;
  • Ability to file, alphabetize, and sort and shelve various library materials;
  • Knowledge of
  • Physical ability to bend, reach, and lift light loads (25+ lbs.);
  • 2 Years of college preferred.

Work Hours:  10 scheduled hours per week to start, including 8 hours on Friday and Saturday (10am-2pm each day). Story time hours off-site may be up to 4 more hours per week at times you arrange with the day cares. A Tween Tuesday event would add 2 hours the week it is held.

Salary:  $12.00 per hour

How to Apply:  Interested applicants should send their resume to Depauville Free Library, PO Box 239, Depauville, NY 13632.


The next meetings of the Chess Club are scheduled for:

Tuesday, February 27

The Club meets from 5:30-7:00 and is open to any level player, ages 7 to 17.  

New members are always welcome.


The next meeting of WRITE ON THE RIVER will take place on

Monday, March 26, at 1pm.

New members are welcome.



Enjoy library talks on local history, musical performances,

storytimes, and many more Depauville Library events  on YouTube.



Award-winning storyteller Regi Carpenter

Performs her tale, Snap!, at Depauville Library, August 22, 2013



Ken Knapp on the Archaeology of the 1000 Islands

Ken Knapp's April 2012 library talk, "The First Boat People". It is presented in two parts:



Ken Knapp's May 2013 talk at Depauville Free Library, "Ancient Man in the Thousand Islands"



Dean Wilkie on the History of Depauville

Dean Wilkie's October 2010 talk on the History of the Depauville Theater Curtain. It is presented in two parts:



Dean Wilkie's September 2011 talk on the Depauville Theater Curtain



Guitarist Gary Walts

Gary Walts playing Fernando Sor Study #2 From Segovia Edition in August 2012



Stargazers Wanted!

Depauville Free Library is working with local, sidewalk astronomer, Tom Aiken, to organize looks into the night sky.

We are asking that interested stargazers send their email addresses to deplib@ncls.org so we can send out word when and where Tom will be setting up his telescope. Since good observations depend upon good weather conditions, emails are the best way to organize a star party at a moments notice.

Tom Aiken and his Dobsonian telescope that took him 20 years to build, have logged many hours introducing people to celestial wonders. The telescope uses a mirrored system as opposed to lenses and is designed to be portable and with a large aperture. It’s good for observing dim, deep sky objects, like the belts, the rings, around Saturn and the moons circling around the planets.

Set up like a gun turret, with a simple mount that rotates vertically and horizontially, the Dobsonian telescope, first created by John Dobson in the 1960s, allows side-to-side motion to vary the azimuth or compass bearing in any direction and up-and-down flexibility to vary the altitude or angle of elevation of the insturment.

You can bring your own telescope or binochulars, too. Which ever you decide, the  following are some of the highlights we hope to observe in the upcoming year.

Personalized Computer Classes @ Depauville Library

Computer skills are very important in today’s world and Depauville Free Library is offering training sessions for anyone interested in operating a computer or exploring the Internet. Whether you are working on your resume or still trying to find the "on/off" switch, these training sessions can give you the help you need.

Instruction is free and will be one-on-one or one-on-two, (so you won’t have to go it alone!) and the sessions will be scheduled to accommodate your day as long as they fall within library hours.

Training will be tailored to what you want to learn: computer basics, Microsoft Word, introduction to using the Internet, searching the Internet, email, handling digital photos, writing a resume, online job searching, social network basics, as well as online library services like reference and ebooks.

Please call the Depauville Library at 686-3299 to find out more about the classes we are offering and to set up a time.


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