1903 Signature Quilt on Display

This classic hand pieced and hand quilted signature quilt, made in Depauville in 1903, had been rolled and off display at the time of the September, 2007 fire that caused structural damage to the Depauville Free Library and destroyed all of the library's books.

Unfortunately the quilt did not escape the fire unscathed. It was burned and sustained smoke and water damage and mildew set in before the quilt received professional attention from West Lake Conservators, Ltd, of Skaneateles, NY.

The quilt now hangs in the Library, beautifully cleaned and the damage stabilized, but showing the scars it received in the fire. It consists of 25 full blocks, each approximately 13 inches square, and 5 half blocks. The pattern is an eight pointed star surrounded by 3 rows of sashing with a “nine patch” block at the intersections. The blocks are signed in permanent ink on the white fabric on the front.

Come in the Library and see how many familiar names you can find on the quilt.