Preserving Depauville History

Click on this image to see a slide show of the restoration process undertaken for the theater curtain and the signature quilt.

The large cotton canvas theater curtain, dating from the early 1900s, originally hung on the stage of the old Depauville Town Hall. Decorated with colorful advertising of area businesses, it is also referred to as an "advertising drape". The reverse side is inscribed and dated by many local performers who graced the Town Hall's stage. When the Town Hall was sold and the stage converted to cubby storage, the library inherited the curtain, where, for many years it lanquished, nailed to a wall, in a state of deterioration.  Placed in the storage shed for safe keeping when work to renovate the library began, the curtain luckily survived the library fire in 2007, and, through a grant from the Greater Hudson Heritage Network was restored by West Lake Conservators of Skaneateles, NY, the same group that repaired the 1903 Signature Quilt that now hangs in the library.

The quilt and theater curtain are cherished centerpieces of a collection of local history in the library that illustrate the rich and lively heritage of our community at the turn of the twentieth century.